Cradle at the Boys' HomeCradles at TRUST Children Homes

TRUST AmbulanceThanks to Gillingham School pupils for their fund-raising efforts.

Growth after some rain2017 saw an extended and serious drought.
At the start of November, rain had begun to transform the fields.

29 states, 6400 castes, 1618 languages, 6 religions, 29 major festivals – one country. That is India.

JeyakantWhat happens to TRUSTchildren when they become adults?

Trees dying because of the drought• A drought so bad that trees are dying.
• A drinking water pipeline sanctioned for the Children's Home (updated)

• Improving the well at the Children's Home
• Building a stone wall around for security
• Establishing a hand-loom project for village women

News Conference to start the Blood DriveThirumaran has set out on a mammoth 12 day "Awareness Drive for Blood Donation" through three southern states.

Entrance to Boys' Home - new tap in shade on the rightAt last Thirumaran has succeeded in getting a public tap connection for TRUST Boys’ Home.

Children and sugar caneA happy Christmas and the Tamil festival of Pongal have been celebrated and some new children have joined the Children's Homes in the New Year.